Dealing with food phobias: my experience

I’ve always been a picky eater. I would turn my nose up at certain food items and avoid trying anything outside of my comfort zone. I had food phobias that were preventing me from accepting new culinary experiences. It was very limiting and made it difficult to find restaurants or meal ideas that would please me when I went out with friends.

Recently, I decided to take proactive steps to address my food phobias and start experimenting with some of the dishes that scared me before. It wasn’t easy at first; there was an initial hesitation and fear that drove me away from stepping outside of my comfort zone. But as time passed, I found myself becoming more open to experimenting with different recipes and ingredients.

The best part about facing my food phobias head-on was discovering all the endless possibilities out there for trying unique dishes instead of simply sticking with what’s familiar. By challenging myself to try something that previously scared me, it’s given me more confidence in branching out and trying something completely different every once in a while. Even if it doesn’t always work out the way I expected it, live is still about taking risks!