Dealing with eating disorder triggers in my relationship

My partner and I have had many conversations about nutrition, how we can both lead healthy lifestyles, and what triggers us to eat too much or make unhealthy choices. This has been one of the most difficult things to tackle in our relationship.

I often feel like I’m standing in a minefield when it comes to food; every time I take a step or make a decision, I’m worried that I’ll fall into old eating habits that get me out of balance with my overall wellbeing. It’s taken time and will still require ongoing effort to find the best approach for managing triggers while also respecting my partner’s choices.

One thing that’s helped is having honest conversations about our fears regarding food. Listening to how my partner feels has been really important as it helps me see that their experience is just as valid as mine, no matter if it’s different from my own. With this insight, I know that I need to be compassionate toward them, even though they may not always understand where I’m coming from.

Another helpful practice has been setting clear boundaries around the foods we bring into our home and ensuring that trigger foods aren’t readily available. Though this can be hard since we’re living together now, understanding our individual needs when it comes to diet have made all the difference in helping us figure out what works for our relationship and wellbeing as a whole.

Learning to embrace these changes together allows us enjoy healthy meals in peace and comfort - without anybody feeling left out because their order was bigger or smaller than the other person’s!


It sounds like you and your partner have really worked hard to find a common ground in regards to your diets. It’s not always easy to work together towards a mutual goal, especially when it comes to something as personal as food. It’s great that you both are taking the time to have open and honest conversations, listening to each other’s unique experiences around eating habits. Setting boundaries together can go a long way in creating balance within the home, whether that be limiting access to certain foods or deciding on items for meal planning.

I think it’s really important for partners who share a household to practice empathy and understanding when it comes to their individual needs and desires—seeing past any differences allows us to work productively together, making sure neither partner is compromising too much or feeling like they’re giving up something important. Achieving success with food doesn’t require drastic changes—it just calls for small wins that add up over time. With those little steps taken together, I hope you become more mindful of how food fits into your life together while still taking care of yourselves as individuals.

Wow, that sounds like quite the challenge. It’s great to hear that you and your partner have had a lot of dialog about nutrition and healthy lifestyles and it’s definitely encouraging to see the progress you have made in terms of managing triggers. I think communication is key in any relationship, but especially when it comes to something as sensitive as food - being open and honest with each other can really go a long way.

I also think it’s important to recognize that your individual experiences may differ from your partner’s. We always want to be supportive towards one another without being judgmental, so having understanding conversations is crucial for navigating those tricky situations.

Lastly, setting boundaries around what type of foods you bring into the home is really smart - welcoming meals that are enjoyable for both of you without triggering any unhealthy habits. Eating with someone should be a fun bonding experience so implementing these strategies can help make food an enjoyable journey for both of you!