Dealing with diabetes and eating disorders - a personal story

Living with both diabetes and an eating disorder is not something that I ever imagined happening to me. The physical and mental exhaustion of battling these two conditions at the same time has been incredibly difficult.

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it felt like a huge adjustment to learn how to manage my food and insulin levels. Not long after, I began exhibiting signs of an eating disorder, and it really complicated my relationship with diabetes.

Even though I have access to the proper care and dietitians, it still feels challenging at times to maintain balance between the two conditions. It requires constant mindfulness about my physical and mental health, especially because when things become unsustainable there can be serious consequences for both conditions.

Recently, I’ve started taking some steps towards understanding how to best cope with both diabetes and an eating disorder concurrently. This includes finding a comfortable balance in my insulin dosing as well as being mindful of what hunger feelings indicate internally versus externally. This has helped reduce a lot of the guilt surrounding being able to enjoy food rather than associating it in a negative way due to the presence of both medical diagnoses simultaneously.

No matter how hard living with both diabetes and an eating disorder may get at times, focusing on what’s best for my body helps me stay motivated to find that balance every day.


I can relate to your struggle with living with both diabetes and an eating disorder. It must be incredibly hard managing the physical and mental demands of both diagnoses at the same time.

You have made such a great step in understanding how to cope with managing those two conditions by finding a balance between insulin dosing and being mindful about hunger feelings, instead of associating food in a negative way. That is an admirable approach that requires a lot of discipline and self-awareness.

If you ever need someone to talk to or support on your journey of finding balance between diabetes and an eating disorder, please know I’m here for you. There are also other great resources out there such as local support groups or online forums where you can chat with others who have been through similar experiences. You are not alone!

Hi there, it sounds like you’re going through a really tough time dealing with both diabetes and an eating disorder. I can relate to how difficult it is to manage two medical conditions at the same time. It’s a lot of pressure to figure out what your body needs and then adjust to those needs while still trying to enjoy life.

What I’ve learned is that even though daily care can be exhausting, having consistent care for both your mental health and physical health are key. Taking the extra step towards therapy and finding a support system are just as important as having proper dietary guidance. Have you looked into resources like local support groups or speaking with online forums? Being able to connect with others who share similar experiences is invaluable in giving you emotional strength when times get tough.

Sometimes feeling overwhelmed will come and go in waves; it’s ok if you need to take a break from diabetes management or allow yourself some flexibility in your meals. Allowing yourself room to breathe can go a long way in helping reduce the stress of juggling both dilemmas on top of work/school responsibilities, family, etc.

Know that whatever pain you’re dealing with right now will pass eventually - don’t be too hard on yourself. You’

Hi there,
I can relate to the struggles you are facing in dealing with both diabetes and an eating disorder. It’s not easy to balance both conditions, especially when they can sometimes have different needs. I have faced similar challenges myself and understand how tough it can be.

Finding a good support system is really important in this situation. Having caring people around you who empathize and offer understanding can make all the difference. Don’t be hesitant to reach out, whether that is family, friends or professionals such as dietitians or mental health providers. Your well-being is so important and having someone who understands your struggles will be invaluable.

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself as you go through this difficult time; every single day of progress is something to be proud of! As long as you stay motivated about finding balance for your body, things will get easier over time. It may take some trial and error but it is completely possible to manage both conditions in a way that works best for you.

Take care of yourself and keep strong - I’m here for support if ever needed!

Hi there,

I can completely relate to what you’re going through. It is definitely not easy managing both diabetes and an eating disorder at once. It took me some time to adjust to the changes that my diagnosis brought about and I’m still learning how to cope with it in a healthy manner. Knowing that I have these two conditions has made me aware of the importance of balancing both physical and mental health.

I understand the weight of feeling completely overwhelmed by this dual diagnosis but it’s important to remember that it is possible to find a way to manage it all. Over time, I’ve started applying certain strategies such as being mindful of my insulin dosing and re-framing hunger signals into positive motivations for taking care of myself. This has allowed me to remove some of the guilt associated with enjoying food while also managing diabetes better overall.

As difficult as this might be at times, trying our best every day will always help us find small ways forward towards better managing our wellbeing. I’m sending lots of strength your way and wishing you all the best!

Hi there,

I can resonate with what you are going through and the emotional and physical challenges of managing diabetes while also living with an eating disorder. It’s definitely not easy adjusting to such a drastic lifestyle change and having to find ways to cope with both diagnoses at once.

I’m glad you’re seeking help from dietitians who can give you advice on how to balance your meals and insulin doses in a way that makes sense for your body. Taking steps towards understanding our medical condition is an important part of making progress towards better health. I’m encouraged that you have been able to find a comfortable balance between diabetes and an eating disorder, as well as try to enjoy foods without feeling guilty. That takes courage!

It is natural to feel overwhelmed about this process from time to time, but keeping in mind how far we have come along this journey can be helpful when needing motivation to continue finding balance each day. I’m wishing you good luck as you continue on this admirable mission. :slight_smile:

I can relate to your experience with both diabetes and an eating disorder. When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information about how to properly manage my diet and insulin levels. It’s been challenging at times to find a balance between both conditions, but understanding what works best for my body has helped me remain mindful of the importance of adequate care.

I’ve also noticed that finding activities that help alleviate stress has enabled me to better manage living with both diabetes and an eating disorder. For example, engaging in light exercise or exploring mindfulness techniques provide healthy alternatives for handling negative feelings associated with both conditions. Additionally, finding social outlets that are supportive and understanding are also beneficial in managing these overlapping medical diagnoses.

You’re not alone in this journey - you have the right tools and resources to achieve a healthy balance between your physical and mental health. Stay strong!

I understand how difficult it must be to manage two complicated and demanding conditions like diabetes and an eating disorder. It’s amazing that you are taking the steps to try and create a healthy balance between the two, especially considering all of the challenges they can present together.

It can be extremely valuable to create a comfortable balance in insulin dosing through trial and error. Everyone reacts differently, so finding out what works best for you is important. You know your body better than anyone else, so trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to speak up if something doesn’t feel right or needs adjustment.

As for hunger feelings, I would suggest trying to differentiate between internal versus external triggers as much as possible. Awareness is key here! Think about when hunger motivates you past the physiological indicators and take time to identify why this occurs – is it because of habit or feeling overwhelmed? Work with your doctor or dietitian, if needed, to find strategies that support you when it comes to managing both diabetes and an eating disorder in a safe way.

Remember that caring for yourself should be top priority — no matter how hard things get or if progress seems slow at times — don’t give up! You have my full support during this process every