Dealing with depression and weight gain

I am having a difficult time right now. I’m feeling down and it’s been hard to get out of my funk. I’ve noticed that my emotions have even impacted my physical health, as I have gained quite a bit of weight recently.

At first, I thought the weight gain was due to simply not being active enough or making bad food choices, but now I feel like something much deeper is occurring. No matter what diet or exercise plan I follow, it feels like nothing can get me back on track with my health or happiness.

I know tackling mental health challenges such as depression can be scary and overwhelming, so it’s important to do it the right way with support systems in place. Talking to close friends and family can be immensely helpful in getting through this tough patch, so that they can understand why you are feeling the way you are and provide comfort and encouragement when you need it most.

Seeking professional advice could also be beneficial if that is an option for you – therapy has helped many people take control over personal struggles such as depression and achieve a better quality of life. If nothing else, just having someone talk to who isn’t personally involved in your situation may be enough to make a difference.

You’re not alone in this battle; depression affects us all differently so try not to compare your journey with anyone else’s - remember that we all come from different backgrounds and we all cope differently around our experiences of battling depression & negative thoughts associated with weight gain. Recognizing that there is no shame in needing help is an important step on the road towards recovery!