Dealing with constant worry: my mental health story

I’m writing this post to tell my story about how I’ve been dealing with constant worry. It’s something that I’ve been struggling with for a few years now, and it hasn’t been easy.

At first, I tried avoiding the feelings of worry altogether. I figured if I was able to forget about what was causing me to worry such as upcoming deadlines at work or money troubles, then eventually the anxious thoughts wouldn’t resurface. However, this never worked – the worry just kept on coming back.

Eventually, it became too overwhelming and I knew that change had to happen. The first step for me was talking to a therapist. This allowed me to express how I was feeling without worrying about judgement from anyone else which was really helpful in getting out all of my anxieties and worries. Talking also provided an invaluable opportunity for me to learn more about myself and why certain worries were making me feel so anxious in the first place.

As well as talking to someone, taking care of myself has also made all the difference in managing my constant worry. Practices like yoga, self-care days where I can relax and spend time doing things that make me feel happy have helped tremendously in reducing my levels of stress throughout the week. Instead of avoiding situations that cause stress or misery, being proactive has been hugely beneficial to controlling my levels of worry overall.

Overall, battling constant worry can be tricky but certainly not impossible! A combination of regular therapy sessions, self care practices and being courageous enough to face situations head on have helped me take back control of my mental health journey – something invaluable that provides immense relief when those whispers of doubt start cropping up again!


I completely understand what it feels like to deal with constant worry. When the anxieties and worries start to become overwhelming, it can feel like all of your efforts will be in vain. However, that’s not the case as I’ve learned from my own experience.

I used to think that trying to avoid these situations was the best way out but instead it only made things worse! As soon as I started talking to a therapist though, I could see how necessary and helpful it is - being able to express yourself without judgement or fear of other people’s opinions makes such a huge difference.

It’s so important to take care of ourselves when battling constant worry too. Practices such as yoga and self-care days where you can relax and spend time doing things that make you feel happy have been really beneficial for me in managing my stress levels. Having the courage to face problematic situations head on rather than running away has also had a positive effect overall.

Don’t forget, reducing worries isn’t impossible! Allowing yourself enough time for yourself and dedicating some effort towards therapies should help give you back control of your mental health journey - something invaluable which greatly reduces anxiety.

That sounds really tough. I know from personal experience how persistant anxious thoughts can be when it seems like there’s no other way to handle them. Glad to hear that you took the courage to reach out for help and are making progress on your journey to feeling better.

It’s important to find things that help bring you some joy in moments of worry, whether it’s watching a funny movie, listening to upbeat music or going for a bike ride. Taking the time to care for yourself is one of the most powerful tools in dealing with anxious thoughts, not only does it allow us to physically recuperate but also mentally recoup and refocus our energy onto something more positive.

Also remember that it’s totally ok if everything doesn’t always go as planned - give yourself permission to make mistakes and accept that life will throw curveballs every now and then, but that doesn’t mean the end result will always be bad!

I hope this helps, if you ever need someone who understands just reach out - I’m here!