Dealing with chronic throat clearing anxiety: my story

Growing up, I always struggled with chronic throat clearing. It’s one of those afflictions that can be difficult to understand unless you experience it yourself. As I got older, anxiety over dealing with this strange and uncomfortable symptom became a real challenge. Unfortunately, the problem seemed to be getting worse and nothing I tried was helping.

I eventually grew so anxious about it that I avoided situations where my throat clearing could bother other people - something which meant that I stopped spending time with some of my closest friends and family as well as business associates. Making matters worse was the fact that most of the medical advice I came across didn’t seem to work.

It took me a while but eventually I realized that in order for me to get better, I had to work on myself mentally and take control of my own thoughts about this issue. This meant adjusting my breathing patterns when the anxiety grew especially strong and being mindful whenever my anxiety spiked. It took practice but eventually these activities became second nature and helped me manage throat clearing symptoms in more positive ways.

Thanks largely to these changes, today I am living much more confidently than before! Although having chronic throat clearing can still feel uncomfortable at times, it no longer controls how I live my life or how others perceive me. In a way, this journey has been a blessing as it taught me more about self-love than anything else I’ve ever experienced in life!