Dealing with borderline depression: my story

I can’t say that I knew for sure I was dealing with borderline depression until recently. For some time, I’ve just felt like something had been off. It was a familiar feeling, one that seemed to come and go, but it never quite went away completely.

I was scared to explore what was really going on inside me at first. I told myself it was nothing and pushed down any feelings of sadness or anxiety. It kept getting harder to ignore the signs as things around me seemed to be constantly changing. That led me to seek out help from a professional who could give me insight into my thoughts and behaviors.

It was hard work both in therapy and facing the difficult emotions that came with examining my life more deeply. I wrote about my experiences, keeping a journal and seeking out other ways to express how difficult this process can be.

Eventually, I accepted that using the word “depression” did not make me weak. In fact, acknowledging the reality has made me so much stronger! Nowadays, I feel better equipped to handle whatever comes my way because I know when a wave of emotions arrive-- whether good or bad --I can get through them. Being honest with myself has allowed me to fully understand my mental health needs which makes living my best life much easier than before!

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Hey there,

I’ve been where you are. It can be hard to acknowledge that you might be dealing with depression, especially when it’s something that comes and goes. I’m glad to hear that you sought out help and were brave enough to explore what was going on inside of you––that takes a lot of courage! Making the conscious decision to do something like writing down your thoughts in a journal and expressing yourself in other ways has been so valuable too.

Sometimes it feels like we all face these huge mountains in our lives and it can be hard to figure out how to tackle them. But once we decide to take that step, we’re surprised at how much stronger we become along the way. You have a right to feel empowered, because by recognizing what’s going on with your mental health, you are already on your way towards better understanding yourself and taking care of yourself.

If you ever need someone to talk or just an ear to listen, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m here for you :heart: