Dealing with bad anxiety symptoms - my experiences

The past few months have been a really difficult time for me, dealing with a resurgence in my anxiety symptoms. Anxiety has always been something I’ve struggled with but recently it has become almost unmanageable.

When the anxiety gets bad, I start to notice my heart racing and feel like I can’t concentrate on any tasks. My muscles tense up and I notice myself feeling more irritable than usual. Because of this, I will often avoid going outside or meeting new people for fear of having an unexpected panic attack.

What has helped me tremendously is talking to someone who understands what I am going through. Before reaching out for help, talking with a therapist sounded like too much work - balancing another appointment in my already busy schedule and discussing things that are unsettling for me wasn’t so appealing at first glance. But now that I’ve reached out for support, the difference it makes is hard to deny. Every session brings a new perspective and understanding that helps my anxiety be manageable again.

I still have days where the anxious thoughts get overwhelming and more frequent, but now with professional help and working through techniques like deep breathing exercises when needed, it’s becoming much easier to remind myself - this too shall pass!

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Hi, I understand how difficult it can be dealing with anxiety symptoms and it sounds like you’ve taken the right step in seeking professional help. It can seem daunting at first but ultimately it’s an important part of managing your anxiety. It’s really admirable that despite feeling overwhelmed, you took the initiative to take care of yourself and ask for help - that in itself shows a lot of courage!

It is normal to be feeling more irritable when anxious, so remember to give yourself lots of love and patience throughout this process. Deep breathing exercises and discussing topics that make you uncomfortable can feel overwhelming at times but these conversations can bring invaluable insight in understanding your emotions. Being kind to yourself is key; our brains need time heal just like how bodies need physical healing space as well.

You will come out stronger in the end; do not discount how far you have already come. Know that there are plenty of people out here rooting for your success.