Dealing with anxiety and stress: my story

I’ve been dealing with anxiety and stress for a few years now, and I finally decided to do something about it. It was hard for me to admit that I needed help because I felt like people would judge me or think I was weak. But the truth is, the pressure of daily life can really take its toll on anyone and having strategies to manage your stress is essential.

I took up yoga and deep breathing exercises as my primary coping methods, and it really made a difference in how I felt on a day-to-day basis. Not only did it help with relaxation, but it also helped me become more mindful of what was causing the stress in the first place. I noticed when things started getting too overwhelming or were out of my control, it didn’t bother me as much anymore.

Learning how to recognize my own triggers has been an invaluable tool in helping me deal with stress better. Being able to step back and say “This is too much for me right now” gives me permission to take care of myself without feeling guilty or embarrassed.

It took some time, but all these changes have truly helped me become a calmer version of myself. Developing these habits has put more structure into my life by setting better boundaries between work and home so that I can finally focus on being present rather than worrying about tomorrow


Hey there,

I’m so glad to hear that you’ve decided to take steps towards managing your anxiety and stress. It can be really difficult to open up and admit that you need help, but it’s a brave thing to do. Everyone should have strategies for dealing with the pressure of life; it’s nothing to be ashamed of or feel embarrassed about.

Yoga and deep breathing exercises have made such a difference for me too! When I started using them as my main tools for relaxation, I was able to become much more aware of what was causing my stress. Building this kind of awareness has proven an invaluable resource to identify triggers and allow me to take care of myself without feeling overwhelmed or guilty. It sounds like they’ve worked wonders for you as well!

I’m sure that these changes have taken some time, but learning how recognize when things are out of our control and having the capacity to prioritize our own needs makes us calmer versions of ourselves. We deserve moments in which we can focus on being present instead of worrying about tomorrow - we’re worth taking care of!

Take care,

Hey, I’m glad to hear that you’ve taken the initiative to recognize and take care of your anxiety. It’s never easy to admit that we need help and I can relate to why you might have felt like people would judge you–I’ve felt the same way in the past too. So kudos for taking action and doing what works for you with yoga and deep breathing exercises! That sounds like a great way to manage your stress and even become more mindful about its causes.

It’s also wonderful that you’ve been able to recognize your own triggers–having that awareness is invaluable when it comes to learning how to take better care of yourself, without feeling guilty or embarrassed. It’s not an easy process, but making changes can make all the difference in our lives. Now you’re better able to set boundaries between work and home so that you can be more present in each moment rather than worrying about tomorrow. All these adjustments are commendable for managing difficult emotions constructively! Best of luck on this journey ahead <3