Dealing with anxiety and overthinking

When I get overwhelmed with my thoughts, it can almost seem impossible to take the next step forward. Anxiety and overthinking can make me feel like a hamster on a wheel, spinning and spinning but never really making any progress.

I’ve come up with some strategies that honestly have made a huge difference in my life when it comes to dealing with anxiety and overthinking. The first strategy I use is to recognize when my thoughts are just a loop of worry or fear rather than productive solutions. Once I identify what’s going on, I can start working towards taking control of my thought process instead of having it lead me around in circles.

Another strategy I use when dealing with anxiety and overthinking is to focus more on gratitude instead of catastrophizing about what could go wrong. When we’re anxious or stuck in our heads, it’s all too easy to focus on the worst-case scenario in life. But by shifting gears and being thankful for the things that are going right, I find that it helps break out of an anxious loop of thought much faster.

Lastly, self-care is always important when it comes to managing anxiety levels and feelings of overwhelm in general. For me, this means getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals throughout the day, stretching or exercising regularly as well as connecting with people who ground me instead isolating myself from everyone else during stressful times. Doing these things consistently really does help keep my stress levels at bay and allows me to tackle challenges one step at a time when they arise.