Dealing with anxiety and mania: my story

I’ve been dealing with anxiety and mania for my whole life now. It’s been a roller coaster ride as I constantly question how I’m feeling and why. Some days, it’s like I have the world on my shoulders and I’m pressed to make decisions that will determine my future. Then other days, I can’t seem to make any decisions at all.

It’s mentally taxing and downright exhausting because I find myself using more and more energy to manage these conflicting states of being, rather than focusing on what really matters in life - having meaningful connections with friends, chasing down passions and pursuits, creating something special.

Sometimes I feel completely out-of-control when faced with tough decision making or Big Life choices, while other times there’s this surge of energy that propels me forward - leading to rash decisions made without properly considering the potential consequences. That’s why it’s important for me to be able to recognize when things are getting a little out of hand so that I can recalibrate and make sure that whatever decisions do get made are based in reality rather than recklessness.

It hasn’t been easy but it is possible. Through careful observance and introspection, combined with patience, compassion, understanding and proper self-care routine (especially around diet!), I’ve thankfully been able to gain greater control over the day-to-day swings between anxiety and mania. Of course I don’t always get it right! But knowing that seeking help is OK is critical in continuing along this dangerous disorder – after all we’re only human!