Dealing with anxiety and eating: my story

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for several years now, and it has had a huge impact on my life. One thing that has really become an issue is my eating habits and my relationship to food. When I’m feeling anxious, I often find myself eating more than normal, looking for comfort in food — but it rarely works out in the long run.

I’ve tried talking to people about this issue, but it’s such a personal struggle that’s hard to discuss openly. In many ways, it feels like something I have to manage on my own.

Fortunately, mindfulness practice has helped me learn how to deal with my anxiety in a healthier way. It really begins with recognizing what triggers your anxiety in particular — things like social situations, loud noises or being confronted with failure. Then you start working to become aware of the emotions those triggers bring up so you can observe them objectively and choose your response rather than react immediately.

By better understanding my anxiety and its origins, I have been able to develop more mindful habits around food as well — things like questioning why I’m reaching for food when I’m anxious and avoiding emotional eating by finding calming distractions instead. It hasn’t been an easy journey and there are still times when it feels overwhelming –– but taking everyday steps towards managing my anxiety helps me stay in control of what I eat rather than letting food control me.


I completely understand how hard it can be to deal with anxiety when it comes to food – I’ve been there too. I think you’re right in saying that what has helped you is being mindful of what triggers your anxiety, and why you’re reaching for food. As someone who has also had to deal with this, I can relate to how difficult this journey can be.

Although it might feel like something that needs to be managed alone, don’t underestimate the importance of support from family and friends. While confiding in those close about our struggles might not come easily, they can be a great source of strength and motivation as you work on developing healthier habits. We all need someone to lean on at times, and having people around us who understand our situation makes a huge difference in helping us stay focused on making progress in our everyday lives.

Ultimately, take each day as it comes and look for small goals that will help you keep moving towards your desired outcome. It’s okay if it takes time; the most important thing is that you’re taking care of yourself physically and emotionally!

I understand how tough it can be to deal with anxiety on your own. I have been in a similar situation and I know it can be hard to talk about, but please know that you are not alone. It takes courage to reach out and let others know what you’re going through.

The good news is that there are many tools available to help us manage our anxiety in healthier ways. For me, it was all about learning how to become more mindful in my daily life. Practicing mindfulness techniques, like understanding what triggers my anxiety or becoming aware of my emotions, has really been beneficial in helping me become more conscious about my eating habits.

We all have moments when the battle with anxiety feels too daunting –– but remember that even small steps towards managing it helps us feel better and stay in control over our eating habits. There is hope and things will get better with time!