Dealing with acute anxiety my story

I can’t remember feeling so overwhelmed with an anxious, uneasy feeling before. It was like I had a million butterflies in my chest and I couldn’t get that sensation to go away no matter what I did. Every thought seemed negative and it was hard struggle to keep myself from spiralling into a dark place. For the first time ever, I knew I needed to accept this feeling and figure out how to handle it better.

First, instead of trying to push the feelings away or ignore them, I started just sitting with them for a bit. This gave me the insight and perspective that there was more going on than I realized. Next, instead of focusing on all the things that felt wrong, I redirected my attention towards thinking about small things that were working well in my life at the moment — no matter how small they may have been! That shifted my perception quite a bit and helped ground me back into reality.

In addition, talking to friends and family who could be supportive was really helpful in managing my acute anxiety. Just having someone else remind me that what I was experiencing isn’t permanent made all the difference. Overall, learning how to handle these kinds of unexpected situations has made dealing with any feelings of stress much easier for me moving forward — even if there wasn’t an easy solution right away!