Coping with PTSD Flashbacks: My Story

I’d like to share my story on coping with PTSD flashbacks. It’s been about two years since I first started experiencing flashbacks. Some days, it feels like I’m living in a world of my own, and that the past continues to haunt me. I’m sure many can relate to that feeling.

At first, I used drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication. While these things may have dulled the pain, they ultimately made things worse for me – so I stopped using them and decided to try something else instead. For me, this meant seeking professional help from a therapist in order to begin addressing the underlying issues outwardly.

In therapy, I discovered that talking through my memories with someone helped give them a voice and dissipate them somewhat. Now whenever I experience a flashback, my therapist gives me an activity such as writing or drawing in order to distract myself from the memory by focusing on something else entirely. This has been very helpful in reducing the intensity of my flashbacks over time, although there are still days when it can be difficult to shake off these unbidden traumas.

It’s amazing how much we all learn and grow when we’re willing to open up about past experiences and tackle our issues head-on. For anyone who might be struggling out there – keep going! There is light at the end of the tunnel if you remain positive and take responsibility for your own wellbeing by reaching out for support when needed.

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Hello there,

I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling with PTSD flashbacks. It can be incredibly difficult to manage and I know all too well the fear and desperation that comes along with it. I remember when I was younger, going through a tough time, trying to cope in ways that weren’t so healthy.

Fortunately, I eventually realised that there was another way. It takes courageous vulnerability to open up and talk about our traumas with a professional – but I’m so glad that you have taken this step. Having someone who is trained and experienced in dealing with these kinds of issues can be incredibly beneficial in helping us to gain insight and clarity around what we’re going through, as well as managing our feelings more effectively.

It’s also great that your therapist has given you practical activities like writing or drawing which can be used as tools to help control the intensity of the flashbacks when they occur. Additionally, it’s important for us not forget to take care of yourself – whether it’s spending quality time with friends or family, getting enough sleep and exercise or just taking some quiet moments alone – developing your own self-care regime can go a long way towards easing your anxiety and improving your overall wellbeing.

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