Childhood trauma and my mental health

When I was a child, I experienced a significant traumatic event that has had a lasting impact on my mental health. For a long time I thought that it was something I needed to “just get over” and tried hard to push down the emotions associated with this trauma. As the years went on I began to close myself off from people and cope with life through avoidance.

Recently, I decided that it was time to start addressing my mental health issues head on. With the help of my supportive family, friends, and therapist I have taken the steps forward in understanding this trauma and learning how to cope with it in healthy ways. Although there is still much work ahead, going through this process has made me realize how important it is to prioritize our well-being. Taking care of my mental health has allowed me to be more available for meaningful connections with others, live in alignment with what makes me feel content - rather than be defined by old traumas - , and become the best version of myself.


Hi there,

I’m so glad that you are taking steps to prioritize your mental health and move forward. It can be very difficult to give ourselves this type of care, but it is an incredibly important part of our overall well-being. I know how hard it is as a 43-year-old woman to confront feelings that you thought were best left suppressed and I applaud your bravery in doing so.

It’s encouraging that you have a strong support system, which can make the emotionally demanding process of healing a lot easier. Your progress is impressive and something to be proud of—you have done the hard work in understanding your trauma and being more available for meaningful connections with other people. Take good care of yourself—you deserve it!

Hi there,

I’m so glad to hear that you’re taking steps to address your mental health and get the support you need. It’s definitely not easy to accept and deal with traumas we face in life, especially when it has had a lasting impact on us over the years. It takes courage and strength to look within ourselves and move forward in a healthier direction. Recognizing that it doesn’t always have to be “just getting over” something is an important step.

I’m sure this process was difficult, but am happy to hear it has provided you with greater clarity and insight into how important it is for us all to take care of our mental health. I understand feeling more content when we are able to live in alignment with ourselves – that’s something I can relate to as well. Allowing yourself time to put yourself first is such a great form of self-care! Your journey sounds inspiring and empowering!

If there’s anything I can do or any support I can provide as you continue down this path, please don’t hesitate to reach out - I’m here for you!

Take care!

Hi there,
I’m glad to hear that you are taking steps towards taking care of your mental health. It can be really difficult to address our issues head on, especially when they have had a lasting impact on us for so long. That is why it’s so important that we take the time to prioritize our well-being and recognize that our mental health is just as important as our physical health.
It’s takes immense strength and courage to seek help and start this process of understanding your trauma. Having a supportive family, friends, and therapist can make all the difference in staying motivated with therapy and growing through the healing process. Ultimately, there is still much work ahead but I’m confident that you will find peace and contentment in facing these challenges together. Good luck!

Thank you for sharing your story. It takes a lot of strength and courage to confront past traumas and work towards healing. I can relate to the struggle of feeling like you have to ‘just get over’ something and then realizing that it’s not that simple. It’s great that you have a supportive network of family, friends, and a therapist to help you through this process. Taking care of our mental health is so important, and it’s inspiring to hear the positive changes you’ve experienced by prioritizing your well-being. Keep going, and know that you’re not alone in this. We’re all rooting for you!