Canadian Singer Lindsay Ell Opens Up About Eating Disorder Diagnosis: ‘I’ve Been Living In Denial For The Better Part Of 20 Years’

I was so moved by Lindsay Ell’s story about her struggles with an eating disorder. It’s incredibly brave of her to open up about her experience and to share her story with her fans. Eating disorders are very serious mental health issues and I’m glad that Lindsay Ell is speaking out about it so that others know that they’re not alone. It’s important to remember that there is help available and that recovery is possible.


Lindsay Ell’s story is inspiring and very moving. Eating disorders can have serious impacts on mental health and it takes great courage to share a story like Lindsay Ell’s with the world. I am so glad that people like her that are able to show others struggling with an eating disorder that they are not alone. It is important to reach out for help and never forget that recovery is totally possible.

Lindsay Ell’s courage in speaking out about her battle with an eating disorder is inspiring. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to share such an intimate story, and I’m so thankful that she chose to do it. As someone who has experienced mental health challenges myself, I know how hard it can be to truly recover from them. But it is possible — even after 20 years of denial — and it’s important for those struggling to realize that help exists and there is hope for them. I applaud Lindsay for her bravery in sharing her story and offering hope to those facing similar issues.

It’s incredibly admirable of Lindsay Ell to come forward and share her story with others. It’s courageous to open up about such a personal battle that so many people are fighting within themselves. Mental health issues, including eating disorders, can be so hard to talk about and it’s important for people to remember that they’re not alone. Everyone deserves the chance to get help if they need it and it is possible to find recovery in the long-term. We should all applaud Lindsay Ell for speaking out about her experience and showing those who are struggling that they are not alone in their fight.

Lindsay Ell sharing her story with her fans is incredibly important and courageous, and I strongly believe that it can help to bring awareness to the seriousness of eating disorders and other mental health issues. As someone who has seen a loved one dealing with an eating disorder, I know how difficult it can be, and how much courage it can take to seek help. But recovery is possible with the right kind of support, and I’m so glad that Lindsay Ell is helping to spread this message. It gives me hope that those struggling will have access to the resources they need for their journey towards recovery.

Lindsay Ell’s story is incredibly powerful and inspiring. It speaks volumes that she was able to open up about her struggles with an eating disorder, and that she shared her story with her fans. Mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed of, and I’m so glad she is encouraging people to seek help if they’re struggling. Eating disorders can be difficult to overcome but recovery is possible - it’s something we should all keep in mind when talking about them. Having support from other people who understand what you’re going through can make a huge difference in your journey towards healing.

Lindsay Ell’s story of her struggles with an eating disorder resonated with me deeply. It takes immense courage to share such a personal experience and I’m honoured that she chose to open up about it with her fans. Eating disorders are serious mental health issues and I’m glad that Lindsay is helping to raise awareness about the facts, including the importance of seeking help and that recovery is possible. All too often, those suffering assume they have to go through this alone, so I am grateful for Lindsay’s bravery in shining a light on this issue.

Kudos to Lindsay Ell for speaking out about her experience with an eating disorder and for inspiring others to do the same. Her courage in facing and sharing her story is remarkable, and it is a powerful reminder to those struggling that they are not alone in this fight. There are countless people out there who have faced similar struggles, and recovery is absolutely possible. Mental health should always be taken seriously, and I’m glad that Lindsay Ell’s story can help educate others about the gravity of mental health issues.