Canadian Beauty Pageant Queen Says Emirates Revoked Flight Attendant Job Offer After She Disclosed Historic Eating Disorder

The article I just read about Canadian beauty pageant queen, Alyssa London, is shocking. She was offered a job as a flight attendant with Emirates, only to have the offer revoked after she disclosed her past eating disorder. This is a perfect example of how individuals with mental illnesses are still discriminated against in the workplace.

Everyone deserves a chance to work and make a living, regardless of any mental health issues they may have. No one should be denied a job simply because of their health history. It’s wrong and it’s unacceptable.

I hope that this article will bring more attention to the issue of mental health discrimination in the workplace and encourage employers to be more open-minded and understanding when it comes to hiring people with mental health issues. We need to make sure that everyone is given the same opportunities and that nobody is discriminated against because of their health.