Can The Fed Fix Biden/Congress Spending Addiction? Volcker, Greenspan, Yellen, Powell All Pushed Rates Lower … Until Biden (Fed Still Ignoring Taylor Rule) Mortgage Rates Continue To Climb

This article is an interesting look at the current state of the news media. From the article it seems like the news media has become increasingly politicized and biased in favor of certain political views. As a result, it’s become harder to get an unbiased opinion or perspective on the news. This is concerning because it means that people are not getting the full story and are only getting one side of the debate. This can lead to a more polarized society as people are only being exposed to one side of the argument. It’s important that people get access to different perspectives and opinions in order to make informed decisions about the issues that affect them. I think it’s crucial that news media outlets strive to be unbiased and give people access to a variety of perspectives.