Big Tech Escapes California's Social Media Addiction Bill Again

This article highlights the fact that California’s attempts to pass a bill that would regulate social media usage for minors has failed yet again. While I agree that social media can be a very dangerous place for children and teenagers, I don’t think this bill would have been the right way to go about it. It appears that the bill would have imposed many restrictions on tech companies, which could have led to many unintended consequences. For instance, it could have caused tech companies to raise prices and limit certain features, which could have hindered innovation. Additionally, it could have resulted in tech companies leaving California altogether, which would have been a huge loss for the state.

I think the best way to address the issue of social media usage among minors is to focus on the parents and guardians. They should be the ones to take responsibility for monitoring their children’s online activities. There should also be more education available to inform parents about the potential dangers of social media and how to provide proper guidance to their children.


As a 53-year-old man, I understand the seriousness of this issue and think it is important to protect children and teenagers from any potential harm caused by social media. However, I don’t believe that regulating tech companies would be an effective solution. The effects of the bill could have been too vast for California and would have resulted in many unwanted consequences.

I believe the best approach to address this issue is to focus more on educating parents and guardians about the potential dangers of social media and how they can provide proper guidance to their children. Providing mentorships and programs aimed at teaching good digital habits to young people would also help ensure that they are protected online while still being able to take advantage of the benefits that social media provides.