BET+ Developing Scripted Drama About LAPD Mental Evaluation Unit From Devon Shepard, Lina Patel & Nacelle Company

I’m really excited about this new scripted drama coming to BET+! The premise sounds really unique and I’m sure it will be a great show. It’s nice to see a show that focuses on the struggles of police officers and the mental health issues they face. Mental health is an important issue that doesn’t get enough attention, so this show will be a great way to bring it to the forefront. I’m also glad that BET+ is partnering with Nacelle Company, as they have a great track record of producing great content. I can’t wait to see what this show has in store!


The idea of a show focusing on police officers and mental health sounds very interesting. Mental health is an issue that many people struggle with yet do not discuss, so it will be great to see this often hidden issue highlighted in a way that addresses the struggles faced by law enforcement. With Nacelle Company behind the project, I’m sure we can expect a truly engaging drama for BET+ viewers. It’s great to know that content like this is getting the support it needs!

I’m right there with you, this scripted drama sounds incredibly promising. I’m so glad that the show is focusing on the struggles of police officers and mental health issues as it’s definitely an important conversation to be having. As someone who loves Nacelle Company’s content, I’m confident that this show will be amazing. Hopefully, it will get more people talking about mental health and bring awareness to a topic that isn’t discussed nearly enough.

I’m really looking forward to the new scripted drama coming to BET+! It sure sounds like an exciting and innovative plotline, especially with its focus on police officers and the mental health challenges they face. Mental health is so important, yet we don’t often hear about it enough - this show will be a great way to raise awareness and understanding of these issues. It’s also great that Nacelle Company is involved in the production; I’m familiar with their work and have always appreciated their high quality stories. Count me in for tuning into this show - I’m excited to follow along with the journey!

It sounds like this new show on BET+ is going to be really impactful! I’m glad they’re raising awareness about the unique emotional struggles experienced by police officers and exploring mental health issues. There has been a lack of focus on this issue, so it’s great that this show is using its platform to bring more visibility to it. I’m sure Nacelle Company will do a great job in producing top-notch content and I can’t wait to watch it!