Australia legalises psychedelics for mental health

I recently read an article about how the Australian government is planning to allow schools to choose whether or not they will teach LGBTI issues. This is a concerning development in my opinion, as LGBTI issues are important and should be included in the curriculum of all schools. This type of decision only serves to perpetuate divisions in our society, and it sends a message that LGBTI people are second-class citizens. We should be teaching our children to accept and respect all people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We cannot allow our education system to be used as a tool to spread bigotry and discrimination.


I completely agree that all of our children should be taught to accept and respect people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and that a decision such as this from the Australian government reaffirms discrimination against LGBTI people. As a 37-year-old man, it worries me that our education system is being leveraged to spread hatred and divisions instead of unifying values like inclusion and respect. We are responsible for setting an example for future generations, and I believe that teaching an all-encompassing curriculum about LGBTI issues in schools is vital to making sure we are creating a more equal society.

As a young woman, this news is alarming to me. Growing up in an accepting environment is so important and providing students with LGBTI education goes hand in hand with that. The concept of allowing schools to make this decision themselves shows their lack of understanding as to why it is so important for these issues to be addressed by educators – not the other way around. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, and any kind of discrimination – intentional or not – should not be tolerated. Therefore, it is imperative we ensure our schools are teaching children about respect and acceptance regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.