As mental health worsens among Afghanistan’s women, the UN is asked to declare ‘gender apartheid’

The article discusses the mental health crisis faced by many Afghan women. As a woman living in the United States, I am appalled by the gender apartheid that has been inflicted on our Afghan sisters. It is unacceptable that women are subjected to such inhumane treatment and are denied access to basic mental health care.

I believe that the Afghan government needs to take action to address this crisis. Women should be provided with the same access to mental health services as men. Mental health care is a basic human right and should not be denied to any group of people. It is essential that the government takes the necessary steps to ensure that women have access to the same mental health care that men receive.

Furthermore, I believe that more attention needs to be placed on the mental health crisis in Afghanistan. There needs to be a greater focus on raising awareness and providing resources and support to Afghan women. Mental health issues in Afghanistan should not be ignored and women’s voices should be heard.

This crisis is a major issue that needs to be addressed. It is essential that the Afghan government takes immediate action to ensure that Afghan women are provided with the same access to mental health care as men. Women’s mental health should not be ignored and should be given the same