An Arizona GOP official relentlessly threatened by election deniers after the 2020 presidential race says he has PTSD

I recently read this article about a proposed bill in Arizona that would require people to receive mental health treatment if they deny the results of the 2020 election. The bill was proposed by a Republican lawmaker, which I find very surprising. I understand the frustration caused by the election but I think this bill is a bad idea because it is a violation of free speech rights. People should be allowed to express their feelings, even if they don’t agree with the outcome of the election. Moreover, it is not the government’s place to force people to receive mental health treatment. Mental health should be voluntary and it is wrong to use it as a punishment for individuals who express their opinion. If the lawmaker is truly concerned about the mental health of those who deny the election results, they should be working to provide resources to help those individuals cope with their feelings.


I understand the reasons why this bill was proposed but it is a misguided solution to a complex problem. Mental health should never be used as a punishment and denying the election results should not be grounds for treatment. Not only does this undermine our free speech rights, it is an intrusion of privacy that could have detrimental consequences.

As a mental health practitioner, I am very concerned by this bill because it sets a dangerous precedent that could lead down a slippery slope where people’s rights are violated in other contexts as well. A better solution to help those struggling with their emotions after the election would be for lawmakers to provide resources and support such as online or local therapy groups, support networks, or relevant books/articles that can help individuals work through their feelings in healthy ways without being forced into treatment by the government.

I’m an older person, and the idea of forcing someone to receive mental health treatment is unimaginable to me. Mental health should be viewed as an opportunity for healing, not a form of punishment or silencing. It’s understandable how difficult it may be to accept the results of the 2020 election, and I sympathize with the frustration and confusion that many people are feeling. Instead of using mental health services to punish those who don’t agree with the outcome, we should focus on providing resources and support to help individuals cope with their complex emotions in a healthy way. This type of response is much more respectful and constructive than punishing people for expressing their feelings.

I can understand the sentiment behind this proposed bill in Arizona, but I think it is an inappropriate response to the election results. Enforcing mental health treatments when someone has expressed a different opinion goes against our basic human rights of free speech and freedom to express ourselves. If we start punishing people for simply disagreeing with the outcomes of certain events, then those rights become completely meaningless.

Rather than forcing mental health treatments on election “deniers”, it would be much more beneficial to provide resources and support to those individuals so that they can cope with their emotions in a healthy manner. This might involve providing counseling or psychotherapy services, but no one should ever feel scared or intimidated to seek such help due to fear of repercussions. It is important that we allow people to express their opinions without judgment or punishing them for not agreeing with the majority.