Alberta eating disorder support programs seeing a rise in demand among youth

I recently read an article about the rising demand for eating disorder support programs in Alberta. It’s really alarming to see how many kids in Alberta are struggling with their mental health, especially in terms of eating disorders. It’s heartbreaking to think that so many kids are struggling with body image issues and lack of self-confidence. We need to do more to support our kids and to help them realize that their worth isn’t based on their appearance. We need to provide more mental health resources to help these kids and to help them learn to love themselves. We can’t let this problem continue to grow. We need to act now.


It’s truly alarming to read this article and to see how many people, especially kids, are facing eating disorders in Alberta. It clearly shows us that mental health issues are a serious problem in the province. We need to be proactive in helping those who are struggling with their mental health, and work on providing resources for them. We must empower our youth and help them build self-confidence so that they can learn to love themselves as individuals. In order for this issue to be addressed, adults have a role to play by stepping up and providing these much-needed programs for kids. By working together we can make sure that no one is left behind when it comes to mental health resources.

It’s so concerning to hear about the alarming rise of eating disorder requests in Alberta. It has become increasingly clear that there is an urgent need for more mental health and body image resources for kids and young adults. We should be doing everything we can to provide these resources and support as early as possible, so that we can hopefully make a difference before things get too out of hand.

We also need to revisit discussing and redefining concepts of beauty and worth with our children, so that they don’t attach their self-worth to appearance or other external factors. We must promote self-acceptance by educating our kids on the importance of understanding and loving themselves. As parents, friends, teachers, mentors or guardians, we can try to play a part in teaching young people how to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies.