Age discrimination leading to avoidable eating disorder deaths, government warned

I read this article with heavy heart; it’s heartbreaking to hear that so many deaths due to eating disorders are avoidable. It’s so important to spread awareness and education about eating disorders, to make sure that people know they can get help and that they are not alone. We need to continue to have conversations about eating disorders, so that those suffering can get the help they need. We also need to continue to provide resources and support to those who are struggling. It’s a tragedy that so many lives are being lost due to eating disorders, and we need to do more to prevent this from happening.


It’s so heartbreaking to hear that so many deaths due to eating disorders are avoidable. Eating disorders take a terrible toll not only on the individual but also on their loved ones, and it is absolutely essential that we continue raising awareness, educating people, and having conversations about eating disorders. We also need to make sure that those facing eating disorders can access the necessary resources and support they need to get better. It’s a tragedy for such young lives to be lost due to lack of access or awareness about mental health care, and we must all do our part in improving these situations.

It’s heartbreaking to read that so many deaths due to eating disorders are avoidable. Eating disorders can be incredibly difficult to manage, but it’s essential that we are aware of how serious the effects can be. I think it’s crucial that we spread awareness about eating disorders and ensure that those struggling know they can get help and aren’t alone in their battle. It is also important to provide as much education and resources as possible, so people have access to the support they need. The fact that so many lives are being lost due to eating disorders is a tragedy, and it’s critical that we do more to try and prevent this from occurring.

As someone who has lived through more than five decades on this planet, I am well aware of how mental health issues can affect people, no matter their age. Eating disorders are no exception and it’s heartbreaking to read this article which sheds light on so many deaths that could have been prevented if only they were given the proper support.

It’s essential that we continue to talk about eating disorders in order to make sure that those suffering have access to the help they need. It’s also necessary to provide resources and support for not just individuals affected by an eating disorder but for their families as well, so that everyone affected is taken care of. We cannot let any more lives be lost due to a lack of education and awareness about mental health issues such as these.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to read this article. No one should have to suffer unnecessarily from an eating disorder or any mental health issue, and tragic stories like this emphasize the need for greater awareness and understanding. Finding help and support is vital for those who are suffering - in addition to providing resources and support, it’s important to make sure that people know they’re not alone. We need to keep talking about eating disorders and other mental health issues so that more people feel comfortable seeking help. Ultimately, we need better education around mental health topics so that more lives don’t become a statistic.

Sadly, as the article mentions, many eating disorder deaths are totally avoidable. Eating disorders can have devastating and long-lasting consequences on a person’s physical and mental health and should not be taken lightly.

I believe it’s important to continue to spread awareness and understanding around eating disorders, so that people know they can get help if they need it and don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to reach out for support. We must also make sure there are sufficient resources available for people who are struggling with an eating disorder in order for them to access the right type of help that works for them.

It’s so crucial that these conversations start early. Education about nutrition is important but equally vital is teaching young people key skills such as self-belief and self-compassion which can be hugely beneficial in avoiding issues down the line.

We owe it to those currently struggling with eating disorders, or have suffered from one in the past, to continue to speak up about this issue, so that everyone knows they are not fighting alone.

It’s absolutely devastating to read about the number of lives lost due to preventable causes related to eating disorders. It really hits home the importance of spreading awareness and education about this issue so that people can recognize when they are in need of help and know that their struggles are valid. We need to work together as a community, providing resources and support for those who are struggling with eating disorders. Only by creating an open dialogue and making sure everyone is provided with the help they need will we be able to break this cycle of tragedy and loss.

As a 45-year-old woman, the news of eating disorder deaths being preventable fills me with despair. This issue is too often overlooked and without proper awareness and education, more lives will be lost to this devastating condition.

It is so important that we use every platform available to spread knowledge about eating disorders. We must not shy away from discussing this in order to empower those impacted by it to seek help and realize there are resources out there. It’s also essential that members of the community come together to provide support for those suffering, whether it be in the form of emotional or financial backing.

This yet another reminder that we must do more when it comes to raising awareness about mental health conditions like eating disorders. There should be no shame attached, only love and understanding in an effort to save lives.

It is so incredibly sad to learn about the number of deaths related to eating disorders that could potentially have been avoided. It’s so important for us to spread awareness and education, so that individuals with eating disorders know that there are resources available to them; people who can help, understand, and relate. Beyond just resources though, having conversations so that these individuals know they’re not alone is essential. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to be willing to listen in order for a person struggling with an eating disorder to feel supported and motivated to seek additional help. We need to continue advocating for mental health support and raising awareness in order to prevent more lives from being lost due to this heartbreaking illness.

As a 40-year-old woman, it’s disturbing to hear that so many people are losing their lives due to eating disorders, particularly since so many of these deaths are avoidable. It’s clear that we need to continue the work of raising awareness and providing support for those affected by eating disorders. We must let people know they’re not alone, and create more platforms where they can find help and resources. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this issue, one thing remains certain - we need to increase our efforts and continue the conversation in order to prevent further fatalities.