Abbie died from an eating disorder. Her friend Zoe watched her 'disappearing' in front of her

I recently read an article about how patients with atypical eating disorders are not receiving the support they need. I think this is really concerning and must be addressed. Eating disorders are a serious mental health issue and should not be taken lightly. It’s really heartbreaking to hear that those who are suffering are not being given the resources they need to get better. It’s time for us to take action and make sure that everyone who needs help gets it. We need to raise awareness and make sure that those suffering from atypical eating disorders get the support they deserve.

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I totally agree with you, it’s really heartbreaking to hear about this. Eating disorders are a serious issue and everyone deserves the support they need. It’s important that we raise awareness and push for better resources for those suffering from atypical eating disorders. I’ve read the article you shared and it’s definitely time for action. Together, we can make a difference by advocating for more support and understanding for those struggling with these disorders. Let’s keep spreading the word and fighting for change!