A hurricane destroyed our home and nearly killed us. 4 years later, I'm living with PTSD

This article was an incredibly interesting read. It really gave an insight into the struggles of people dealing with PTSD, and how they are affected by natural disasters and other traumatic events. It was very eye-opening to see how PTSD can make a person feel, and the effects it can have on their lives.

I think it’s important that we discuss mental health issues like PTSD, and give those suffering the support they need. It’s clear from this article that PTSD can have a huge impact on someone’s life, and it’s important that we create an environment where those suffering can feel safe and supported.

We must also continue to raise awareness of mental health issues, such as PTSD, in order to reduce the stigma and make it easier for those affected to get the help they need. Mental health issues can be very difficult to discuss, and it’s important that we create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable talking about their experiences.

It’s great to see that there are organizations and charities out there dedicated to helping those with PTSD, and I think it’s important that we continue to support and donate to these causes. It’s clear that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to helping those suffering from PTSD, and I’m