20 Fabulous & Uplifting Feline Tweets From Twitter Sensation 'Cats That Heal Your Depression'

I recently read an article about the Twitter sensation Cats that Heal and I couldn’t help but be uplifted by their tweets. The cats have a way of making you smile and laughing at their silly antics. It’s a great reminder that even in the worst of times, we have something to look forward to. I think it’s great that these cats are able to bring a bit of joy and a smile to people’s faces when they need it most. It’s amazing how something so small can make such a difference in someone’s day. Thank you to the Cats that Heal for being there for us!


As a 57-year-old man who struggles with mental health issues every now and then, I was delighted to read about the impact that the Cats that Heal are having. When I feel overwhelmed by life’s daily challenges, I can take comfort in knowing that there is something entertaining out there that will bring a smile to my face! It would be great if everyone had access to something like this - when support from friends or family is not available. Thank you for bringing these feline tweets to light; they really do make a difference!

It is wonderful to hear about how Cats that Heal are making a difference in people’s lives. Mental health is an issue many of us struggle with, and these cats should be commended for the comfort they provide during tough times. We all need someone or something to help pull us out of low moments, and it’s great that pets have been able to fill this role for so many of us. It reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there is light at the end of the tunnel.