What a Bipolar Mixed State Really Feels Like

I recently read this article on Psychology Today about what it feels like to be in a bipolar mixed state, and after reading it, I was struck by how accurately it described my own experiences. For those unfamiliar, a bipolar mixed state is a combination of manic and depressive symptoms that can occur simultaneously. In the article, the author describes the feeling of being both overwhelmed and drained at the same time, as well as feeling emotionally numb and reduced to a state of paralysis.

These feelings are all too familiar to me. When I’m in a mixed state, I feel both overwhelmed and powerless; my emotions seem to be on a roller coaster, and it can be very difficult to take any action because I’m not sure which way to turn. It’s like having the energy to do things, but lacking the motivation to actually do them.

I appreciate the author’s insight and candor in sharing what it feels like to experience a bipolar mixed state. It’s a difficult thing to talk about, and it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in feeling this way. If you or anyone you know is dealing with a bipolar mixed state, this article is a great source of information and support.