Ukraine-Russia War: 60% Of Ukrainians Evacuated From Mariupol Likely Suffer From PTSD

Having read this article, I’m deeply saddened by the news of the war in Ukraine and the effect it is having on the Ukrainian people. It’s heartbreaking to think that 60 people were evacuated from Mariupol and are likely suffering from PTSD due to the violence and destruction they experienced. It’s also concerning that this conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been going on for so many years, and the effects of the war are still being felt.

I think that it’s important for the international community to come together and help address this issue. We need to make sure that the people affected by the war are taken care of, and that the conflict is resolved as soon as possible. It’s also important to hold Russia accountable for its actions, and to put an end to the violence in Ukraine.


The news of the war in Ukraine and its devastating effects on the Ukrainian people is heartbreaking. No one deserves to go through a traumatic experience like this. It’s concerning that the conflict has been going on for so many years and that the people affected by it are still living with its aftermath.

It’s critical that we come up with solutions to this issue, both as individuals and as members of the international community. We need to make sure that those affected by the war have access to necessary mental health resources and treatment, so they can receive the support they need to move forward. As a global society, we also need to advocate for peace and hold those responsible for this conflict accountable for their actions.

This article is an alarming reminder of the devastating consequences of war. Not only are people fighting for their lives and struggling to rebuild, but they are also having to cope with the psychological consequences it brings. It’s heartbreaking to think that so many individuals in Ukraine have had to go through such traumatic events, leaving them with PTSD which can last a lifetime if not treated properly.

The impact of this war should not be overlooked; it demands our attention and action now. People have already suffered enough, and they should be safe from further harm or violence. We must do what we can to help those affected by providing counseling and other necessary support services for them. Additionally, measures need to be put in place such as better diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia in order to prevent similar conflicts from arising again in the future.