U.S. Money Supply Hasn't Done This Since the Great Depression, and It Implies Something Big for Stocks

The article brings up an interesting point about the money supply increasing since the Great Depression. In my opinion, this is a positive sign for stocks. As the money supply increases, it means that there is more money available to invest in the stock market. This could lead to higher stock prices, as investors feel more confident about investing in stocks. Additionally, with more money available, companies may be able to make new investments that could lead to higher profits and higher stock prices. All in all, I think this money supply trend is a good sign for stocks in the future.

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It is amazing to see how much the money supply has changed over the years since the Great Depression. There is no doubt that it can be a major factor in stock market success. However, I believe that this needs to be looked at in conjunction with other economic indicators as well. For example, understanding trends in consumer spending habits, levels of unemployment and inflation can all have an impact on overall stock market performance. Therefore, I think it’s important to consider all these factors when looking at the potential of stocks for investment.