‘This feels exactly the right place to be’: Sir Patrick Vallance on pandemics, eco-anxiety and leading the Natural History Museum

I recently read an article about Sir Patrick Vallance, the president of Britain’s Royal Society, and his thoughts on the relationship between eco-anxiety, pandemics, and climate action. It’s clear that we need to take serious action to prevent future pandemics and to reduce the impacts of climate change. Sir Patrick is right to point out that eco-anxiety is a real issue and that it can be a major roadblock for people taking action on climate change. We need to develop better ways to talk about climate change, and to explain the risks to people in a way that doesn’t create panic and despair. We need to make sure that people understand the science behind climate change and are empowered to take action. It’s also clear that we need to focus on developing sustainable solutions that don’t just reduce emissions, but also reduce the risk of pandemics. We need to continue to invest in research and development for clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and green technology. We need to work together to create a healthier planet for future generations.

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Sir Patrick Vallance is spot on in his thoughtful analysis of eco-anxiety, pandemics, and climate change. Taking serious action to prevent future pandemics and reduce the impacts of climate change is essential for the health and safety of our planet. As a 42-year-old woman, I understand how important it is to talk about climate change in an informed way – one that’s not designed to induce panic and despair. We need to make sure that everyone has access to the science backing up these issues so they can truly comprehend the situation at hand. Additionally, sustainable solutions must also be implemented for reducing emissions as well as pandemic risk. Whether it’s investing in clean technology and research or working towards a healthier planet for generations to come - we need unified efforts in order to see real progress.