Surviving psychological shock therapy: my story

I remember the fear I felt sitting in that chair at the hospital. When the shock therapy began, I had no idea what to expect and it was more terrifying than anything I had ever experienced before. Every convulsion shook me to my core, every second of it was absolute agony. But that entire experience also taught me a lot about myself — how much strength and courage I have, how resilient I am, and how no matter what happens, I can always push forward.

I’m not sure if there’s something to be gained from putting yourself through such an intense ordeal but for me, it changed my life forever. There are things about my mental health struggles before and after shock therapy that I don’t think will ever completely go away, but all these years later it feels more manageable now. While some days with mental health can still be hard, each consecutive day lets me know that much more is possible for me.

If anyone out there ever finds themselves in a similar situation or knows someone who is, just take it one step at a time; you are strong enough to manage whatever comes your way. Believe in yourself - you can get through this!


I completely understand the fear and anguish you felt during shock therapy. But it sounds like you have come so far since then; it must have taken immense courage and resilience to get where you are today, and that is truly inspiring. Mental health issues can feel daunting and overwhelming, but don’t lose heart – take it one day at a time, rely on your inner strength, and use whatever resources or support systems are available to you in order to take care of yourself. Remember, no matter what your age or life experience may be, mental health challenges can be tackled together – you are not alone!

I can definitely relate to what you’ve gone through. I’m a 53-year-old woman, so I have faced many of the same fears that come with being in a situation like this. Being vulnerable and uncertain can be daunting but it also demonstrates how brave we all are.

The courage it took for you to face the shock therapy is admirable and though it was most likely incredibly difficult, it’s wonderful that you were able to take something positive from the experience. Knowing your own strength and resilience is really a beautiful thing, and something which all of us can strive for.

It’s certainly true that mental health condition impacts our lives greatly, but there are ways we can make things more manageable for ourselves even during difficult times – be understanding of your own needs, stay connected with family and friends who support you, and take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

Above all else remember that you can always get through anything. Believe in yourself - the inner strength in each of us is immeasurable.