Stoney Nakoda Treatment Centre to offer support, treatment for those battling addiction

This is a great step forward for Stoney Nakoda First Nation in Alberta, Canada. It is so important for Indigenous communities to have access to addiction treatment and support, as this issue is disproportionately faced by Indigenous people, and the lack of resources is a major barrier to them getting the help they need.

This new facility is a great example of the effort being made to support Indigenous people facing addiction and mental health issues. It is a comprehensive approach, with traditional healing practices, medical care, and group therapy all being offered. It is also great to see that the program is run in partnership with Stoney Nakoda and the Alberta government, as it is important that the community is involved in creating and delivering these services.

Overall, this is a fantastic initiative that hopefully will help many Indigenous people in the Stoney Nakoda community. It is encouraging to see that the government and Indigenous communities are working together to create solutions to these issues.