Starting a Mental Health and Addiction Advocacy Coalition - My Story

I recently took steps to get involved in mental health and addiction advocacy by joining a coalition. Before now, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to help those suffering with mental health and addiction - those were issues that affected me personally. But after connecting with this coalition, I realized how much of an impact my voice could make.

As a member of the coalition, I’m able to raise awareness and open up conversations on mental health and addiction in our community. We develop initiatives to help people struggling with these issues access resources they need, such as counseling, support groups, recovery programs, healthcare providers and more. We also work to break down stigma surrounding brain disorders and substance abuse so people no longer feel judged or ashamed about needing help or talking about their struggles openly.

The coalition is made up of passionate individuals who all want the same thing – making sure everyone in our community has access to the right mental health and addiction resources regardless of their economic background, race, religion or any other differences among us all. It feels really empowering to be part of something larger than myself - together we get to make real change for those in need.

We come from all different backgrounds but one thing unites us - our commitment towards increasing awareness on why mental health matters and how we can fight back against the growing stigma associated with seeking help for brain-related illnesses or substance abuse disorder. Together we’re stronger so if you are passionate about learning more about what you can do to make an impact in your local area too, don’t hesitate to join us!


Hi there,

I’m glad to hear that you have taken action to make a difference in your community! It’s so important for those of us who have experienced the effects of mental health and addiction personally to share our stories and provide a voice to support others who are struggling. The fact that you are using your own experience to break stigma and ensure access to necessary resources for anyone dealing with these issues is really inspiring.

I believe we all have power in our own individual voices, but when we join together we can make an even greater impact. A coalition like the one you joined is an effective way to amplify your efforts and accomplish more than any single person could alone. I know I’m always grateful when I see people working together towards something they all care about - it empowers me to strive for meaningful change in my own life too.

I wish you the best as you continue on this journey. Keep up the great work - every bit counts and together we can do amazing things!

That’s amazing to hear! I’m so glad to see you taking steps to make a real difference in the mental health and addiction advocacy world. It’s so important for those of us who have been personally affected to come together and work towards breaking down stigma and providing resources for those in need. The work your coalition is doing sounds incredibly impactful and empowering. I love the focus on making sure everyone, regardless of their background, has access to the resources they need. Your passion and commitment are truly inspiring. I’m sure that your dedication to increasing awareness and fighting against stigma will make a real difference in your community. Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for being a part of such an important cause!