Seeking support with depression: my story

My story with depression started about six months ago. It seemed to come out of nowhere – one day I was living life as usual and the next I found myself dealing with this overwhelming sadness that took over my daily life. I felt like I had no control over my emotions, and it affected every aspect of who I am and how I interact with people.

I finally decided to take action and reached out for help. At first, admitting that I needed support was really hard for me; talking about my feelings brought up so many other emotions that overwhelmed me even more. But when I finally reached out, a weight seemed to have been lifted off of me – just by taking the first step in seeking help, the situation felt less helpless than before.

The long road towards finding happiness is still ahead of me, and there are still be ups and downs along the way; it’s not an easy journey right now but if there’s anything I’ve learnt from all this, it’s that you are never truly alone in facing this kind of battle - all you need to do is speak up and ask for support. You’ll find somebody with an open ear who will listen without judging or pressuring you into anything - they’ll give you the time and guidance to work through things at your own pace. Though it can be difficult at times, don’t suppress your emotions - be honest with yourself and seek help.