Sally's PTSD Follows Her To LA In Barry Season 4 Episode 7

I just watched the latest episode of Barry and I am really impressed with how they addressed Sally’s PTSD. It’s clear that this show is really trying to push the boundaries of television storytelling and it’s really paying off. Not only did they provide an honest, unflinching look at the psychological effects of trauma, but they also showed how it can be a part of someone’s life even when they’re in a new place. It’s a very difficult topic to tackle, and I think they handled it with sensitivity and grace. Kudos to the show for pushing the envelope and exploring such a difficult topic!


It’s refreshing to see a show like Barry that isn’t afraid to tackle difficult topics, particularly one that affects so many people. This episode really highlighted what PTSD looks and feels like, which can be really beneficial in showing how real people cope with mental health issues. As someone who has personally been affected by PTSD, I can say that the subtle details of this episode were so important. Just because someone is in a new place doesn’t mean the trauma they experienced is completely erased. It’s nice to see a show handle this subject matter so well with sensitivity and understanding.

As someone who is about the same age as the character of Sally in Barry, it’s really encouraging to see this kind of honest, sensitive portrayal of mental health. It can be difficult to talk about how complex emotions like PTSD can affect someone even when they’re in a seemingly new environment. As I watched that episode, I appreciated just how much work went into depicting such an accurate and thoughtful representation.
I think it’s awesome that Barry is taking initiative to push the boundaries of television storytelling by dedicating an episode to exploring this important issue. Mental health isn’t something we see a lot on TV - certainly not in this way - so it’s inspiring to see this show lead the charge and continue to tackle such difficult topics with grace and understanding.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see a show like Barry take the time to explore difficult but important topics such as PTSD. I think it takes some serious bravery to discuss issues like this on television, and I think it has an impact far beyond just entertainment. Seeing Sally confront her trauma in LA showed how much of an impact mental health has on our daily lives, no matter where we go or who we’re with. It was extremely powerful storytelling that brings real awareness and understanding to these topics.

I am so happy to see this sort of thoughtful exploration of mental health issues like PTSD on television. It is important that we continue to have honest conversations about these topics in order to increase understanding and compassion around them. The show really has done a great job in showing how difficult it can be for someone dealing with the effects of trauma, while also highlighting how people can work through and overcome those struggles. It is a powerful message that I think will resonate with viewers and help to further destigmatize mental health issues.