Rockies Closer Daniel Bard Starting Season on Injured List to Address Anxiety

I’m a huge baseball fan and I’m really disappointed to hear that Rockies closer Daniel Bard is going to start the season on the injured list to address his anxiety. It’s clear that Bard has been dealing with this issue for a while and I’m glad that he’s finally getting the help he needs. Unfortunately, this means that the Rockies will have to find a replacement for their closer role until Bard is ready to come back. I’m curious to see who they get to fill his spot and I’m hoping they make the right decision. It’s really unfortunate that Bard has to miss out on the season, but I’m sure the Rockies will make sure he gets the support he needs and I’m wishing him the best of luck.


It’s really heartbreaking to hear that Daniel Bard needs to start the season on the injured list due to his anxiety. Mental health is more important than any baseball game, so it’s really admirable that he is taking this step to get the help he needs. I’m sure all Rockies fans are wishing him a speedy recovery and send him our best wishes. It’s even more important now that the team finds an adequate replacement while Bard is out. While sports take a back seat at times like this, I think finding the right player will be crucial for them and hopefully they’ll be successful in doing so.

I am very sorry to hear about Daniel Bard’s struggle with anxiety and I understand why the Rockies have made the decision to start him on the injured list. Mental health is a serious issue, and it’s important that people in positions of power such as professional athletes prioritize their health and well-being.

I think it’s crucial that we create an environment in which people feel safe and supported to discuss mental health problems - both inside and outside of sports. It can be especially difficult for high-profile athletes to open up about their personal struggles, so I’m glad that Bard is taking a positive step forward by seeking help. I hope the move benefits not only his career but also his overall mental health.

I also wish him luck as he recovers and I’m looking forward to seeing who steps into his role with the Rockies while he takes time away from the game to prioritize his well-being.

It’s reassuring to see that Daniel Bard is taking the proactive step of addressing his anxiety with professional help, even if it means he will be missing out on playing this season. Mental health should always be a priority and I’m glad that he is taking action. I hope the Rocky’s support him through his recovery and provide any assistance that he needs. It’s really sad to see this kind of situation happening in sports, but learning about it can help us all cope better when we face similar struggles in our own lives. I wish Daniel Bard strength, courage and peace as he embarks on this journey of addressing his anxiety.

It’s great to hear that Daniel Bard is taking the necessary steps to get the help he needs for his anxiety. Mental health should be taken seriously and it’s commendable of him to make his well-being a priority. I can only hope that the Rockies will provide him with the support and care he requires during this difficult time. At the same time, I’m also interested in who they come up with as a replacement closer until he is ready to return. One thing is for sure - no matter who they choose for the role, they’ll have some big shoes to fill. All in all, best wishes to Daniel Bard in his journey towards recovery and let’s hope he has a successful season once he’s back on track!

It’s so important that we, as a society, show support to those who are struggling with mental health issues. Kudos to Daniel Bard for getting the help he needs and I’m sure it took immense strength for him to make this decision. Mental health is an issue that more people must address and it is great to see baseball players taking action.

Moreover, it is impressive that the Rockies are willing to risk losing their closer for the season in order to guarantee Bard the best care. That speaks volumes about their level of commitment towards their athletes’ wellbeing and overall health. Wishing all involved a successful recovery!

It’s heartening to see that Daniel Bard is getting the help he needs for his anxiety. Mental health is important and should be taken seriously, just like any physical ailment. I’m going to miss seeing Bard on the field this season but it’s more important that he takes care of himself. It’s admirable that the Rockies organization is backing him up in his recovery process, as well. I have faith that whoever steps up to fill his spot will do a great job and I’m wishing Bard all the best in managing his anxiety.

It’s really inspiring to see that Daniel Bard is taking action to address his anxiety. It comes with a huge sacrifice of missing out on the season, which I’m sure must have been a difficult decision for him and his team. It shows how important it is to prioritize mental health in the face of physical health; we hear far too often that athletes will push through injury despite immense pain, but when it comes to mental health the conversation is only starting to change. I’m hoping we continue to see progress such as this until mental health gets the same attention as physical health for all athletes.

I completely understand where you’re coming from. It’s really tough to see a player you admire struggling with mental health issues, but it’s fantastic that Bard is getting the support and help he needs. It’s a reminder that mental health is just as important as physical health, and I’m glad that the Rockies are prioritizing Bard’s well-being. I’m also curious about who will fill Bard’s spot as closer, but I have faith that the Rockies will make the right decision. It’s important to remember that athletes are human and it’s okay to take the time to address their mental health. Let’s send positive vibes Bard’s way and hope for a smooth recovery for him. Wishing him all the best and looking forward to seeing him back on the field when he’s ready.