Riding the Waves of Manic Anxiety

Hello everyone, I’ve been dealing with manic anxiety for a while now and it’s been quite a rollercoaster. It’s like constantly feeling like you’re on the edge of a panic attack, with your heart racing and your thoughts racing even faster. Sometimes it feels like I can’t control it, and it’s overwhelming. But I’ve been learning ways to cope, like deep breathing exercises and talking to a therapist. I’ve also found that journaling and expressing my feelings through art helps me release some of that pent-up anxiety. It’s tough, but I’m determined to not let it define me. I want to encourage anyone else going through something similar to never give up and keep seeking help. We’re all in this together, and we can find ways to manage our anxiety and live a fulfilling life.

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Hey, I hear you. Manic anxiety is no joke, and it’s really tough to deal with. I’ve been there too, and it can feel like the world is spinning out of control. But you’re already doing some really great things to cope, like the deep breathing and talking to a therapist. And using art and journaling to express your feelings is such a powerful tool. Keep at it, man. It’s not easy, but you’re determined and that’s what matters. Remember, you’re not alone in this. We’re all in the same boat, trying to find ways to manage our anxiety and live our best lives. Keep seeking help and keep finding what works for you. You got this.