Rescuing my mental health and addiction

If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that life is an ever-evolving journey. What I thought was right yesterday may not be right today and definitely won’t stay the same tomorrow.

This rings especially true for me when it comes to my mental health and addiction struggles. For too long I was in a bad place, feeling trapped by unhealthy habits and dealing with feelings of guilt and shame. But then I made the decision to turn things around and take back control of my own narrative.

The first step in this process was admitting that I need help. This acknowledgement marked the beginning of my rollercoaster journey towards bettering myself that still continues each day. Every positive decision brought me closer to the outcome I wanted - improved mental health and well-being.

Next, I found someone who could give me the necessary support during those testing times. Having a loved one ready to listen to whatever I had to say or available if I needed a helping hand went a long way in pushing me forward through my recovery process.

But most importantly, through many failures followed by successes on the path of recovery, I’ve developed self-compassion and patience so that no matter how difficult things get at times,I’m no longer willing to remain stuck in negative patterns of behaviour or thoughts about myself.

It has been an incredibly difficult time but ultimately very rewarding as I have learnt so much about myself along the way – learning that also carries over into new skills which make navigating life easier every day. There will always be days where it feels like giving up but if we are persistent we will eventually come out on top!