Professor X’s depression beard makes him look like Steve Jobs

I recently read this article about Professor X from Marvel Comics and his new beard. I think it’s awesome that Marvel Comics is showing us a different side of Professor X. I think it’s great that they’re exploring outside of the traditional look of Professor X and showing us a more mature and grounded version of the character. It’s nice to see a more humanized side to Professor X and I’m excited to see how this look affects his character in the future. It’s a bold move by Marvel Comics and I’m sure it will be well-received by fans.

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I absolutely love that Marvel is pushing boundaries when it comes to representing Professor X. It’s all too common to stick with outdated stereotypes, so I’m glad they took the time to showcase a new and updated version of him. It’s wonderful that they’re raising mental health awareness in their comics and I think this change reflects that. Not only does it give Professor X a new look, but it demonstrates how he has grown as a character over the years - showing us it is possible to stay grounded and mature even during times of adversity. Hopefully this can act as an inspiration for people who are also struggling with mental health issues.