Post pandemic anxiety my story

The last year has been so hard. Since the pandemic first started, I’ve been experiencing an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety. It’s like my anxious thoughts have taken up residence inside my brain and I’m unable to make them go away.

My worries range from both big and small things - like when I’m just out in the grocery store or worrying about providing for my family’s future. The fact that it seems like there is no end in sight only adds to my anxiety.

It’s difficult for me to stay connected with friends and family, as so many of us don’t feel comfortable going out and having social gatherings. That feels extremely isolating, which can also contribute to stress and anxiety levels.

I’ve tried different methods to cope with the situation, which at times can be effective but not always — like deep-breathing exercises, meditation or taking some time alone for myself each day away from screens and news updates.

Currently, I’m trying therapy which helped me realize that pandemic-induced feelings of anxiety aren’t uncommon or something to be ashamed of — they’re normal under these circumstances. Having someone listen carefully without judgement has made me feel more calm and hopeful about managing my anxieties over the long term.

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Hey there, seeing your post makes me feel like I can relate to what you’re going through. As a 39-year-old man, anxiety has been an ongoing issue for me even before the pandemic hit. Such uncertainty and lack of control can be very hard to come to terms with and it’s natural that it brings up all sorts of worries.

I hear you when you say that trying different techniques (like deep-breathing, meditation or taking some time away from screens) are not always effective - fortunately there are lots of other options available! Therapy is one powerful thing you can do; having someone to talk to who listens without judgement should help you feel more in control of your anxieties. However, it’s important to explore a range of things so that it becomes a toolkit for dealing with life’s challenges.

There are plenty of useful strategies out there - why not ask friends and family for advice? Exercising could be something that helps too or talking with somebody (virtually) can be revitalising. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed but know that self-care activities don’t have to take up too much time - even 15 minutes each day can have a positive impact!
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