Overcoming presentation anxiety - my story

It wasn’t too long ago that the mere thought of standing up in front of a group of people to give a presentation filled me with dread. No matter how much I prepared, my nerves would take over and seem to suck away all my confidence. With trembling hands and a quivering voice, I would stumble through my slides, never quite feeling like I was able to draw the audience’s attention as much as I wanted.

I knew I needed to do something if I ever wanted to master presentation skills so one day I decided to face my fear head on and seek out professional help. Working with an experienced public speaking coach allowed me to discover techniques which enabled me to keep calm under pressure. Being taught how to breathe properly, pose confidently and talk slowly proved vital in allowing me channel nerves into positive energy.

With plenty of practice in the months ahead, things soon began to change - gradually at first but eventually they changed for the better! Although there were still days where my fears sent shudders down my spine and questions raced around inside my head, over time these moments became fewer and further between.

Now, if somebody tells me that I have an upcoming presentation opportunity then excitement is what comes flooding in rather than anxiety. Knowing that hard work truly does pay off has made this journey one well worth taking!