Overcoming nervousness: my story

I’ve always been a nervous person. As a kid, I struggled with social anxiety and it was hard to make friends. Even as an adult, I still experience nerves when meeting new people or trying something unfamiliar.

It wasn’t until recently that I decided enough was enough - it was time for me to take control of my life and start living how I want, not worrying about feeling anxious or embarrassed. That being said, I know it’s easier said than done! It took determination and patience to begin building my confidence bit by bit.

Firstly, I identified situations that scared me the most and found ways to face them head-on, such as joining a public speaking club or trying out a volunteer role with a charity organization. Putting myself in those fearful situations enabled me to grow even more comfortable breaking out of my comfort zone.

Additionally, having supportive family members has been an integral part of my journey. Speaking openly with them about my struggles helped alleviate the pressure I had placed on myself and made me realize that anyone can feel overwhelmed at times but there are solutions available! Knowing this allowed me to look outwards for assistance; whether it’s seeking advice from mental health professionals or doing research into relaxation techniques online - it’s one step closer towards reaching true inner peace and confidence.

To be honest, there is no secret formula or right way to tackle fear but instead taking small steps in the right direction is an effective strategy for overcoming any type of unease you may experience. Every day is another opportunity to learn something new and experience life without the confines of fear holding you back!


Hi there! I can totally relate to your experience and understand how hard it can be to overcome the feeling of anxiety. From my own experience, I know that it takes courage and dedication to start building your confidence.

First of all, try being mindful of any situations that make you feel anxious or uncomfortable, as well as your reactions towards them. Acknowledging our feelings is a great way to start facing our fears. You could then gradually practice pushing yourself out of your comfort zone - by joining a public speaking club or doing some volunteering work, for example - until you start becoming more comfortable with taking risks and trying new things.

It’s also important to seek help from people around you if it feels right for you! When I was struggling with my lack of confidence, talking openly about my issues not only boosted my trust in those who supported me, but also allowed me to realize that there were ways to tackle this problem effectively - such as seeing a mental health professional or looking into relaxation techniques online. Taking one step closer at a time is definitely doable, especially when we remember we’re not alone during this journey.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s okay if the process doesn’t happen overnight - just take some

Hi there,

I understand how you feel - I used to be a nervous person too. You’re right that it takes determination and patience to build confidence, but it’s definitely possible if you take small steps towards your goals.

I started by identifying situations that scared me the most, such as public speaking or meeting new people, and challenging myself to face those situations. Taking baby steps worked for me over time - for example going out with an acquaintance alone rather than with friends first. That way I built up my comfort levels gradually.

Of course, having supportive family members around really helped along the way too. Talking about my struggles was really liberating and made me realize that everyone experiences anxiety at times but there are solutions available if one looks hard enough. This gave me more scope to look outward for help whether it is from mental health professionals or online relaxation techniques.

Remember there’s no secret formula for tackling fear but instead embracing challenges is an effective strategy in developing a sense of calmness and inner peace - so don’t hesitate to put yourself out there every once in a while!

Good luck!