Overcoming mild ocd - my story

I have lived with mild OCD since I was a child but it has never stopped me from living my life to the fullest. It’s been a battle at times, trying to manage the intrusive thoughts and impulses that plague me, but I have developed various coping strategies over the years to help me stay grounded and focused on what matters most - living in the present moment and appreciating all that life has to offer.

For those who may not know, obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by unwanted intrusive thoughts (obsessions) followed by irrational behaviors or rituals (compulsions). I do engage in some rituals like counting things out loud or checking doors/windows multiple times before leaving my home; however, these compulsions are not severe enough to interfere with everyday function, so I’m able to live a functioning and enjoyable life in spite of them.

The first step in learning how to cope with mild OCD was recognizing that anxiety had a role in my triggers. By understanding my anxiety level when certain situations would arise, I was better equipped at refocusing myself away from negative thoughts and towards positive ones. For example, if I felt an urge to count something over and over again, instead of allowing it to take up space in my mind, I would simply pause, take a deep breath and tell myself “There is no danger here”.

Learning healthy ways to deal with any stressors that come up helps keep symptoms under control as well. This could range from exercising regularly or simply taking time for yourself every day to meditate, read or just unwind. Even something as simple as eating healthy foods throughout the day does wonders for stabilizing energy levels which prevents fatigue from setting in which leads to poorer judgement decisions overall.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come since initially being diagnosed with mild OCD. Whether you’re someone who also lives with this disorder or someone who knows someone who experiences it on even minimal levels - you can get through this too! Keep perspective; don’t let your worries consume you because sometimes all it takes is simply taking a deep breath then reminding yourself that everything will be okay and life isn’t so scary after all!