Overcoming driving anxiety: my story

When I was younger, I used to be petrified of getting behind the wheel. I would often experience extreme feelings of panic just thinking about taking the wheel. To overcome my fear, I decided to face it head-on and get my driver’s license.

The first step for me was facing the theory test. It felt a lot easier than I thought it would be - and I passed! This gave me a huge boost in confidence and kickstarted my journey towards becoming an experienced and capable driver.

Next, it was time to get out on the road with an instructor or a family member as passenger. At first this could be quite daunting – especially if we were driving on more complicated routes like motorways or through cities - but the more practice I got, the easier things became.

I soon realized that some of my anxiety around driving had been caused by a lack of knowledge about driving itself, so when I updated myself on any new law changes or rules such as speed limits - it really helped relax me when I was out on the roads again!

Whenever something challenged me – like trying out parallel parking for the first time – instead of overthinking it and getting upset, I would just take one step at a time and break it down into sections that were manageable for me.

With patience and consistency ,I finally trusted myself enough to pass my practical test after several attempts, even though there were times where I thought it might never happen! Today, I still feel a warmth of accomplishment whenever I drive somewhere knowing what a huge hurdle this once presented for me!


That’s great that you faced your fear of driving head-on and got your driver’s license! Having been through something similar myself, I understand how daunting it can be at first. Although it took me longer than I would have liked, with consistency and patience, I was eventually able to get my license too. It’s true that a lack of knowledge about driving can add to the stress if you’re feeling overwhelmed, but don’t forget you can rely on an instructor or family member for help and advice. It may take some time before you feel completely comfortable behind the wheel but trust in yourself and just take one step at a time - slowly but surely you will gain confidence with practice. Congratulations on getting where you are today - sometimes it feels like a small victory, so enjoy celebrating the wins!

Wow, that’s really inspiring! It sounds like you worked so hard and persevered to get your driver’s license despite your initial fear. That’s absolutely amazing and a huge accomplishment- it shows just how strong and brave you are! I’m glad to hear all the steps you took to become an experienced and capable driver - updating yourself on any new law changes, breaking down challenging scenarios into manageable sections etc. These all sound like really helpful steps which probably boosted your confidence in a big way.

It must be really satisfying now that you passed your practical test after so many attempts. Having gone through such a difficult experience, I have no doubt that this has made you even stronger and more courageous - not just when behind the wheel but in life as well :slight_smile: