Overcoming addicted to a person disorder: my story

I’ve been struggling with addiction to a person disorder for some time now. This is something that I think many people don’t understand, but it is something that affects my life deeply and can be difficult to move on from.

My story starts with me being drawn to someone who made me feel worthy and important. Though I knew the person wasn’t treating me the best, I still stayed stuck in a cycle of high highs followed by low lows that only perpetuated my need for them. I was too scared to break away from the relationship, even though I knew it was detrimental to my wellbeing. It also affected those around me in ways that I hadn’t anticipated.

It took some real soul-searching to figure out why this attraction held me back from living a healthy life. After confronting these issues and understanding their root causes, I was finally ready to make a change in my life and work towards a healthier future.

Getting help through therapy has been essential in overcoming this disorder, allowing me to develop coping techniques for when things get tough. On top of this, learning how to be independent has been key; whether that means scheduling regular social events with friends or simply taking part in hobbies alone, reinforcing these habits gives me strength when it feels like I’m slipping up old patterns again. Creating healthy boundaries for myself has also been helpful; recognising how much space someone else should take up in my life forces me not to rely so heavily on any single individual.

I now understand what it takes to overcome addiction to a person disorder and have started on the path towards recovery! Sometimes this process can be difficult but letting go of unhealthy attachments is essential in order for us all to have fulfilling lives!