NYPD officers shot man in Bronx after his father called 311 for help with mental health crisis

It’s heartbreaking to read this article about a man in the Bronx who was shot by NYPD officers after his father called 311 for help with a mental health crisis. This is a tragic example of how the system is failing people in need of mental health care in our city. It’s clear that we need to make systemic changes in how we respond to mental health crises in order to keep people safe. We need to invest in better training for police officers so that they can handle these situations with greater sensitivity and understanding. We also need to ensure that there are more resources available to people in need of mental health care, so that these tragedies don’t happen in the future.


This is such a tragedy and it is heartbreaking that we live in a world where people with mental health issues are so grossly misunderstood and mishandled. Our society needs to do more to provide better resources for those in need of mental health care and to create an atmosphere of understanding instead of stigma around mental health crises.

Better training for police officers could definitely help reduce situations like this, allowing them to better handle these situations sensitively and compassionately. We need more public investment in accessible resources so those in need can get the care they deserve before it’s too late. No one should have to suffer in silence or end up in a dangerous situation like this one because they don’t know where else to turn.

This is a heartbreaking story. As a 47-year-old woman, I have experienced firsthand the struggles of trying to access mental health care in this city. We need to start making systemic changes now so that tragedies like this don’t continue to happen. Creating and enforcing better training for police officers on how to handle mental health crises is an essential step. Additionally, more resources need to be made available so that people can get the help they need when they’re experiencing a mental health crisis. Without these changes, this story could easily happen again in the future.