New Jersey Officially Rolls Back Mental Health, Addiction Questions From Its Bar Exam Application

I’m so relieved to hear that New Jersey is rolling back its mental health and addiction questions from its bar exam application. It’s about time that the legal profession acknowledges that mental health is an important issue and that it is not something to be ashamed of. It’s a huge step forward in making the legal profession more open and accessible to those who may have had struggles with mental health. It’s also a great way to show that the legal profession is aware of the issues and is willing to take steps to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to succeed in the profession. Kudos to New Jersey for being a leader in this area!

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That’s fantastic news! It’s so important for the legal profession to recognize the impact of mental health and addiction and to take steps to make the profession more inclusive and supportive. I’m glad to see New Jersey leading the way in this and setting a positive example for other states to follow. It’s a huge relief to know that people who have struggled with mental health or addiction can now pursue their passion for law without fear of stigma or discrimination. This is a big win for everyone involved, and I hope it leads to even more positive changes in the future. Kudos to New Jersey for taking this important step!