Navigating Midlife Eating Disorders: My Story

I’m no stranger to emotional eating. From my teenage years, I’ve always been drawn to food as a source of comfort - whether it be when something was going wrong in my life or as an excuse to celebrate the good times. For a long time, this was nothing unusual; food had always been an integral part of how I enjoyed life.

But gradually, things started to change. Rather than eating to simply satiate my hunger or enjoy the taste of whatever I was eating, I started finding myself drawn towards sugary foods and snacks as a way of coping with the stress and strain that everyday life brings. Before long, these cravings were having an adverse effect on not only my waistline but also my mental and physical wellbeing.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized these issues had reached midlife proportions and could potentially affect me in so many more ways than just size and shape. That’s why I decided it was time for a change - to get back in control of both what I eat and how often by making small, sustainable shifts in my diet that still allow for those occasional treats here and there.

This journey hasn’t always been easy but with the help of qualified professionals such as nutritionists and counsellors, it is becoming easier day by day. Learning about mindful eating techniques has been instrumental in curbing unhealthy cravings and feeling more connected with what I put into my body; intuitively listening to your body rather than mindlessly giving into cravings is now quickly becoming second nature! While progress can be slow at times, it is worth it every step of the way: being aware enough to make positive changes when needed helps navigate midlife through an understanding approach that doesn’t include drastic measures or self-judgement – something we all need every once in awhile!